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Welcome to the leading resource for maximizing legal team adoption of the world’s preemenent cloud platform.


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Corporate Legal Departments

99 of the Fortune 100 are already using within their organizations. This allows legal departments to seamlessly elevate their matter, spend and document management systems to the next level cloud ecosystem.

Law Firms

The efficiencies of managing a modern practice in the cloud are magnified when adopting the platform. Firms of all sizes have access to the same cutting edge legal technology used by some of the most forward-looking firms around the globe.

Public Service Organizations offers government agencies and not for profit entities unique benefits. In fact, dedicates specific network infrastructure to Federal, Sate and Local Governments. Eligible not for profits qualify for free and discounted licensing.

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Our goal is to provide your organization with insightful articles, news, and AppExchange product suggestions for a wide variety of use cases within the legal technology domain.