Theo has been building custom applications for legal, business affairs and business development since 2005. People testify.

Here's what people say about Theo's work:


Jordan McCollum

General Counsel At Oculus VR

Theo is a great partner that is expert in both privacy and security matters for large, global companies and in the design and implementation of compliance programs and tools. He has particular expertise in designing and implementing Salesforce and other technical solutions that clients and legal teams love and rely upon

Lauren Marr 

Paralegal at Nike

Theo built the contracts management system for my legal group at Disney Interactive. This system has been an asset to our group's processes, enabling us to better track agreements, and manage requests from clients. It's been two years since our group has used this program, and even after he created it, Theo has continued to help troubleshooting any issues that arise.

Kristina Dinerman

VP Global Partnerships, International Media Partnerships at Yahoo

Theo is an excellent manager of contracts administration. He built our document management system from scratch in this division of Yahoo!. I highly recommend Theo of any project or position involving contracts, rights or document management.

Bryan Thompson

Head of Legal Affairs, BermanBraun Productions

Theo's approach to building our legal contracts management system is unique and effective. He made no assumptions about what we needed. Instead, he patiently listened to our requirements and looked at our business processes. Then he helped us understand how various solutions and features would impact our work. As we used the system, we gained a better understanding of our requirements and could better communicate to him what an ideal system would look. During this rollout, he also examined our usage and adoption and was able to continually suggest ways of enhancing the system, making it even more organic to our needs. Using this collaborative, concierge approach, we now have a system that is customized to our needs. The fact that Theo built our system entirely on the platform gives us confidence in its security and stability.

Ron Martinez

Invention Arts, LLC

Collaborating with Theo Rand, across organizational boundaries and in the service of the enterprise as a whole, has been an exceptionally rewarding professional experience. He combines deep expertise with both strategic and tactical savvy, thereby making things possible that rise above more narrowly-defined interests to deliver value and power to the larger organization. 

It's pretty clear to me that Theo, while skilled at patiently working through limitations and organizational thickets, nonetheless keeps his eye relentlessly on the prize of best practices -- not only because it's the right thing to do for the organization, but also because it's the right and necessary thing for him personally and professionally. 

Theo's also a man of great wit and a real pleasure to be around. Can't recommend him highly enough, and hope to collaborate with him again someday.

Eric Kintzer architect

Theo did a terrific job introducing to a group of media business developers that had previously managed only through spreadsheets. His ability to patiently and persistently roll-out new business processes not only benefited his immediate workgroup but became the basis for a worldwide roll-out of an enterprise rights management solution. Theo listened well to user issues and requirements and devised robust solutions that were rolled out in mere days.